Hello ColdtrainBlues Fans,
In the corporate jungle called, "The Music Industry", It's hard to make headway without the support of our fans, that's why we are asking the people who have become fans of ColdtrainBlues to help us make our album, ColdtrainBlues II Funkin' Da Blues a success.

The group collectively have been working hard to get the word out about our album, but we decided that I needed an army. This plea for support, is going out to all of you out there who have made great comments about our music.

We've put my heart and souls into producing this album, we couldn't afford a lot of the bells & Whistles we needed to make it even better, but it seems that people generally like what we've accomplished.

We've been on the internet doing our best to market this album, but we need your help. We're thinking grass roots, word of mouth will help accomplish our goal, so what we're asking you to do is this, talk us up, recommend our CD, call up Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, and order the album, they will have to call Super D, which is the major distributor in the U.S to order the album.
We're not asking you to buy the album, although I wish that you would, but help us create a buzz.

Go to the Web Site, Mary For Music
(Click On The Logo Below)
and click on your State, find your city and all you local Blues Radio Station and request to hear songs from the album, you do this for us and we will send you a digital download of your favorite track.

With best regards,
Big Daddy Payne