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Steam Locomotives Sang the Blues & Inspired Early Boogie Woogie Musicians.
In his book,

"The Story of the Blues"
in the chapter titled
“Cottonfield Hollers”


Paul Oliver


“When the blues began, the countryside was quiet. Loudest of the sounds to break the stillness was the roar of a steam train as it traced its way through the lowlands, leaving a smudge of smoke against the blue sky. A brief moment of excitement as it passed, a shrill whistle, dipping and wailing like a blues and it would be gone.
It’s said that the engineers tuned their steam whistle ‘quills’ to play a blues but it probably just sounded like this to the field hands who knew the hour by the regular trains.”

Enter The World Of

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lead by Keyboardist
Earl "Big Daddy" Payne
Our Mission & Our Motto
To Always be
"Funkin' Da Blues"

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ColdtrainBlues Is A Group Comprised Of Skilled Musicians.
The Band Featuring Keyboardist, & Musical Director,
"Big Daddy Payne"
One Of The Funkiest Blues Bands In The World.

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